Where to buy arcade sticks?

Hi there,

I’m wondering where do most people buy their arcade sticks from? online? or retail shop?
Kinda hard to find a TE stick nowadays…
Really want to get one…


You can buy them at a retailer like GameStop if you’re from the U.S. I got my MvC2TE from GS, but mainly because it was being displayed and they did have it in stock. Now, it might be a bit difficult.
I’m assuming most folks around here get their stick online.

P.S. Judging from your post this could be your first stick? Have you considered a Qanba RAF4? 3 console (PC, PS3, 360) right out of the box at a very good price.

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many thanks for the informative reply but I’m actually in UK right now.
not intending to mod. Yea, I have actually considered the Q4 but I think it’s even harder to find over here. Either that or a TE would be great
anywhere I could get it over here? or should I ship one from US?

Try gremlinsolutions. They have the qanba on pre-order

Gameshark Store. UK has for 360
You should replace the buttons with 6 snap in Sanwa OBSF-30’s from gremlinsolutions.co.uk

Or PS3

Otherwise, if you go into the trading outlet and offer to buy a TE for $2300 total to ship from USA to UK i’m sure you will find a seller, but I’m also sure you will be hit with a duties fee of about $50 because your government sucks.

I would strongly recommend that you do not. I am still waiting for them to send my sticks. They have never been shipped and they have refused to refund me.

Hmmnn. It’s a shame that gremlin has been slow for you. Another new shop that does ship international. They are selling a modified version fo the Qanba. Not sure if I can vouch for them, but they are an option.


I’ve always recieved my order from them, but I’ve never once recieved a response to an email query from them, so I’ve always been surprised when people talk about their great customer service.

As well as the trading outlet, have a look in the tech talk section as well, there’s a good buys/finds thread that often has cheaper sticks on sale for a limited time. If you have a CEX where you live, have a look there too, I often see TE sticks around the ones in London.

I now have sticks, from the type I order and never received from Gremlin (Sanwa), Industrias Lorenzo and Seimitsu.

I only got responses when asking how to pay. As soon I paid, I have never heard from them anymore, regarding the product never arriving and they never giving me any tracking number, regardless of charging quite a lot for shipping and that it should have a tracking number. This is typical of people who chose not to ship the goods.

Sounds like a pretty bad experience. I’m not happy that they never answer questions, to be honest, I only order from them because they usually have what I want and I don’t know of any other UK places to buy parts, but if I knew somewhere better, I’d order elsewhere - it’s really irritating asking them for information on certain parts and getting zero response despite my order being larger if I get that information. It’s just poor customer service, which is why it surprises me when I hear the complete opposite. I guess we are in the minority, but it’s left a bad taste in my mouth regardless.

appreciate the replies guys.
Now I’m torn between the qanba q4, the eightarc fusion(I know its about the same as the q4 but the design is nice) or the madcatz te round 2.
Does the TE round 2 have issues with playing on pc?