Where to buy cabs?

I’ve been lurking moar in the Tech Section before, but I’ve never really seen any threads on where to buy the shit out of cabinets. Now, I’m pretty sure a topic like this belongs here instead of at the Trading post, so here it is. Maybe this thread could serve as a place for people to find ways to get the sexiness that is their very own cab?

So uh, I’m looking for some responses as to where I could get a cab of my own from, somewhere near PA. East coast for those who don’t know, all responses other than trolling is appreciated. Mainly want a candy cab, but can also go the american cab route.

good luck getting a candy cab on the east coast. Cali seems to have more than any other state so you would definitely need it shipped.

I just bought mine for 873 bucks from a guy from neo-geo. You should head over to that forum to find more info. They have ppl selling cabs over there as well.

If you can’t spend that kind of loot, don’t bother looking. You’ll get depress as shit.

Thats the kind of thing that kind of discouraged me, the fact that I could never really find anybody that sold those cabs on the east coast.Oh well, I’ll try and ask my arcade sometime tomorrow.

there is an new astro city in Pa, philly on craigslist.com. It a bit much but since ur in philly then you dont need shipping cost.

SunocO; you found one? Thats great man, who did you buy it from over there? What kind? please post some pics when you get it, Im sure everyone is dying to know.

These candy cabs have always been really hard to find and they are really getting quite popular now which only makes it even harder. I know the price difference can be scary but the quality and looks of them are far superior for a stock cabinet in my opinion. Just keep scouring craigslist, Ebay and other forums and eventually you will find one. Hold out for the best and you will be happy.

i think I saw that one in Philly and I believe he was asking like 900.00? It is very high for that cabinet and I assume he is just trying to recover some of his costs from shipping which is okay. But if you are going to spend that much, you might as well spend that much and buy one from Matsu who will thoroughly check it and clean it for you. And have it delivered to your doorstep for probably about the same price.

Good luck man.

Yeah i’m getting mine from matsu. I think he has an Egret 2 and Atomiswave left.

BTW in NYC they have a beat up Mega Neo Geo 64 for 500 if you want to check that out.

If you’re still looking, I asked the same question a few days ago and got a bunch of good answers, check it out maybe there’s something

ahhh. If you bought his last astro then I have seen that one and it is in really good shape. Good stuff man. Post those pics when you get it.

Does Matsu get new shipments in regularly? I want to get one of his cabs, but I don’t have anywhere near enough money for the Egret or the Atomiswave ones.

I’m not sure about this. I think he gets big shipments once a year, i’m not sure about that…but I do believe he said he has a Super Neo Geo 29 when i asked him if he had others for my price range. His site only shows those only the astro, atomiswave, and the egret.

TCF - I’m definitely posting this shit up when i get it lol. I’m having a guy over at ng come over and install dc and mame into my cab.