Where To Buy Capcom Comics?

This seems to be a recurring question. So let me start this thread and I would like all of you to list the stores you go to (Store name, FULL Address, and phone number) so that we can start compliling the list!

For Online Retailers, I recommend -




In the Toronto Area, you can go to -

Heroes World
4568 Hwy # 7, Markham, ON L3R 1M5

Silver Snail
367 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A4

601 Markham St Toronto Ontario Canada M6G 2L7
(416) 533-9168

Any Canadian online store? I only go to Toronto once a year for Anime North ^^;

I could go to my local comic book store, but I just don’t wanna buy the Previews just to order two comics every month…

Herofix is Toronto. And you do not have to buy a previews to order comics. You just need to tell your retailer.

Heroes Cards & Comics in London carries Street Fighter and Darkstalkers at my request :bgrin:

For all the Dutch;
“Walk In” in the Hague carries Street Fighter & Darkstalkers (DS finally after months of asking for it…) I’ll post the full adress soon.

Only 2 of you go to stores? Comon everyone!! post up!

Funny Papers in Dobie Mall for any Austinites. No back issues, though.

ok, here’s some of the places I use in Scotland

Dundee - The Black Hole, my local, so he sells out very fast, but cool place

Edinburgh - Forbidden Planet / Deadhead Comics…both pretty near each other, seem to have more copies of street fighter than darkstlakers, you have to be quicker to get hold of it.

Glasgow also has a Forbidden Planet and another place i aint been in a while called ‘A1 comics’…was great last time i was in though.

Cant remember exact address’s for these places but should be pretty easy to find. Or if u are desperate to find them then gimme a shout! :slight_smile:

Back issues of darkstalkers have been toughest for me, coz they sell out so fast…luckily my flatmate just found a bundle in the London forbidden planet, said they had quite afew, foil covers aswell. So i now have all 6!! sweeeet!

In miami,you have ANIMEHURRICANE. Located in Kendall and north on s.w. 107th street from kendall road just across the street from FIU.Great location! The store owner is Mike and he rocks! He had a few copies of the tpb of sf2 in the back that he picked up from a convention and he got me one.its great! He would of ordered another one for me if he was out,and he will do the same for anyone. they have plenty of copies of street fighter(all issues,no power foils of issue 1 and 2 though,sold out) and all darkstalkers covers and foils.They order alot because they sell alot! I have gotten a few people here in florida into the comics because some people didn’t even know about them.

We need more advertising and everyone needs to spread the word!

Acme Comics is one of the best and odlest comic book stores in North Carolina. The address and all that info streams across the top of the site.

That’s where I get most of my Street Fighter/Darkstalkers comics. They also sell SOTA Street Fighter action figures. They also have a shitload of manga, which is a definite bonus for me.

you can subscribe to Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Cannon Busters at Dreamlandcomics.com, need minimum of five comics though. If you wanna collect both covers, send them an email and indicate a quantity of 2. I don’t think they have variants like power foil. Usually 30-35% off retail price.

I like that store. Plus its right on the UT campus.

Capt. Lou’s Comics in Charleston SC gets Darkstalkers, sorta. But no more SF. I guess I’ll have to start buying online now…

Orbital Comics is better in London for SF comics. All variants, all the time.

I would suggest anywhere in Toronto, but I could be incorrect.

In the California east bay your choices are more broad, but I like frequenting shops with anime, and a large selection of toys (including various Capcom toys including Japanese only releases). Collector’s universe carries only the latest Darkstalkers issues, but don’t carry any other comics at all :stuck_out_tongue: … only the best right UdonNeko? They do also carry more anime related goods.

Collector’s Universe and Anime
3288 Pierce Street, C-113
Richmond, Ca. 94804
(510) 526-2639

Cosmic Cards and comics carry both Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Comics along with the more tradition comic books. They also carry a huge line of toys.

Cosmic Cards and Comics
1233 Solano Ave.
Albany, Ca. 94706
(510) 526-7121

i ordered from herofix.com and i only received HALF of my order.

i tried emailing them about the situation.

for 9 days, they have not replied to any of my emails.

does anyone have their number so i can call and find out what happened?(i.e. if they were just out of stock or if they just forgot to ship it).

Hows the ordering situation? I plan on ordering stuff from them, but I wanna make sure they get their stuff in business first…

anybody know any stores for san jose bay area?

I made an order through Herofix almost a month ago and they never replied to my e-mails or attempted any contact. They basically got my money and run away with it. I have Pay Pal on their asses right now. We´ll see what happens.

And this is not the first time i have trouble with them… The previous order i made with them not only took a long time to get shipped, but it also arrived damaged (they did replace it later on, but still…).

They always took a LONG time to contact or reply.

Stay the hell away from Herofix - many other people have horror stories with them. Even here on this forum we had a dozen different people facing trouble with them. A shame, because Ruppsworld is expensive as all hell (anything below issue 12 is way over cover price - let´s not even mention the power foils to avoid heart attacks), and Midtown doesn´t have a decent selection at all.

I´ll probably just stop buying Capcom comics all-together. It´s been more of a bother than a pleasure, with all the problems (and delays) both with the comics and the sellers.

Reading comics is supposed to be fun, not a pain in the ass.