Where to buy colored washers!?

So… where can I buy colored washers?

I want either a red or white one… anybody?

on a side note:

An acquaintance told me that Seimitsu sticks are much tighter than Sanwa sticks… is that true?

Are you talking about the dust cover? Paint it yourself

yeah, dust cover, dust washer, w/e

should I just use spray paint meant for plastic? Krylon?

I might consider making my own dust cover out of acrylic… although painting is probably a better option…

go to a tap plastics that does laser cuts. it will cost u like 10$. 20 if you want the edges melted(so its smooth)

Take the washer you want to color, use a white vinyl dye on it. For red, do white then red (black to red won’t work well from what I’ve heard).