Where to buy completely clear seimitsu buttons for TE stick?

As the title says. I’m embarking on my first attempt at modding, and i’d like to get hold of some seimitsu buttons that are clear on both the button and the rim so i can stick some art in there. Needs to fit a TE stick. i’ve checked the stick forums here but there’s so much info i can’t find anything specific; checked “arts hobbies” site, but he’s only offering clear coloured buttons. Any sites that’ll sell me these? UK preferably. Also, what’s the official name for these buttons? Thanks in advance^_^


alt f for this:

30mm Colored Body with Clear Plunger

theyve got them in red & white


found some all clear

&& you could chance it on ebay…?

GOOD LUCK MAN! hope to be modding mine soon too


I recommend Lizardlick - I’ve ordered a few buttons and joystick ball tops from them and never had any problems with the quality of their product, shipping, etc etc.


only thing is it sounded like our friend chibi dictator wanted ALL CLEAR buttons so thats what the other 2 links were for.

That would be the “white” one at Lizard Lick.


www.videogamesnewyork.com, they are a little cheaper and they ship fast