Where to buy correct size wood

hey everyone. I just made my first stick, compliments of slagcoin, and I’m gonna start on a second one. I made my first one as close to as the simple one that was on the site.


On my second stick I’d rather make it even simpler and use only 4 different boards of the sides and glue some legs on the inside. However, I don’t really fancy how thin the sides are on the first one I made and I was wondering where I could get a thicker wood. I went to the lowes and home depot nearest to me and the best i found was 2x2 and 3x3. I’d like to have the sides at least 1 inch or a little bit thicker since I want to route the edges, but as you probably know 1 inch at the stores are more like 3/4 inch. Anything else that is thicker than 1 inch doesn’t seem wide enough to hold everything in.

I don’t have that many tools at hand to be able to cut my boards that thin and so I was wondering what others did.

Try a timber yard or a sawmill. They have heaps of different types and cuts of timber and most will have no problem planing a piece if it’s a bit rough.

Most likely will work out cheaper too than if you go to a hardware store. I picked up a piece of Jarrah which is perfect for what I want for $4 AUD! while elsewhere it would cost something like $15 AUD. :wow:

Rockler has locations all over the US. That’s where I got the wood for my stick. 1/8" plywood is a good thickness for snap-in buttons and they have a bunch of different kinds.