Where to buy Hori FS3 in socal?


Anybody knows which particular retail store sell the hori fight stick 3 ? And around what price?

Thanks in advance.


Gamestop had em for $29.99, but I’m pretty sure those would be hard to find now. You could try a local game shop (if video games for less or game square is still around there try those) but most likely it will be full msrp. I think the best way you could get one is amazon


i picked up a real arcade pro 3 for $150 on craigslist in socal, but if you’re used to american style sticks you should stay away, it will drive you nuts.


Games 4 Less stores?


darn, i called up gamestop and they said its out of stock


Socal is cleaned out pretty much of anything street fighter.


Not entirely, but make sure you bring lots of money.


I love how the list price is $324.99 on the HRAP 3 and HRAP ex

I’ll be saving a whole $25 from a 3x retail mark up!


Game Play in Long Beach was stocked with stuff a few weeks ago, not sure about now


LOL my thoughts exactly. LOL @ the “YOU SAVE” stuff.

Look at the price of the PS3 exclusive HRAP 3, and the HRAP 3 price now… rofl…