Where to buy Hori Joystick Shafts?


Hey guys,

I own and have modded several arcade sticks and I love to use the common and popular sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick.

I recently bought a Hori EX2 for Xbox 360 and in the process of modding it, noticed that the Hori shaft is much shorter than the JLF yet fits the JLF housing and even the ball top fits on perfectly. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to buy another Hori metal shaft for at least one of my other arcade sticks, but I have no idea where I can buy them.

Can anyone help me out?


Try the Trading Outlet… Put in a WTB post and see if someone has a spare Hori shaft.

BTW, you’re not the first to notice this. Some, including me, used the original Hori shafts for FightStick mods. They had the advantage that you didn’t need to scrape the baseplate OR “shave” the shaft to make it fit. The Hori shaft still hits the Sanwa microswitches fine.

Hori doesn’t sell spare parts but some members are known to keep multiple spares after you they do mods.
Be aware that the Hori shafts differ from one joystick line to another.
The EX2 shaft will probably not be the same length as the FightStick line. Can’t say about how it compares to the American Tekken 5 joystick since I don’t own 360 hardware.

JDM probably can help you there…


post a WTB thread in the trading section I’m sure someone has a stock hori shaft lying around other than that you probably wont have much luck since the stick was discounted a while ago. The wireless T6 or a namco shaft might work as well


Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Hori, I just would like a shorter shaft than the JLF that can still be used in a JLF joystick assembly with a standard sanwa balltop. Maybe* *Seimitsu or some other company has what I’m looking for? I only have past experience with the Sanwa JLF.


LS-33 is going to be your best bet then is has the shortest shaft


I’m not sure if a LS-33 shaft is compatible with a JLF actuator & spring base.


I meant to replace the whole thing yeah its probably not compatible


Try Kowal, he had some custom JLF shafts made that were shorter than the original stock shaft. You might run into problems with the base plate as mentioned above, have not modded an Ex2 with a JLF only a JLW which you can be mounted without having to file/shave anything else down.

He might have some left, check here - Kowal custom parts 4 stiks, shaft, actuator, pivot,wire

Alternatively, if you can track down a Dreamcast ASCII shaft, they had a shorter upper length. Not sure about the Capcom and SNK versions but I know the grey version definately had a shorter type.

Here is a pic curtesy of Jdm714, taken from this thread - (shorter) JLF compatible shafts