Where to buy HRAP3 Arizona?

i have a friend that is going to the us in the summer but
as me we dont know much about american stores etc cause we
live in sweden so we dont know where to look.

so where should he be looking in arizona to find HRAP3 there?
places, store names, websites etc :slight_smile:

i know they are sold out pritty much everywhere but when
summer comes they should be in stock?

and do they sell the white HRAP3 in the us or jap only?


I don’t think Hori has any official retailers that has a physical store in the US. You won’t find them at Gamestop/EB games which sells the MadCatz TE stick.

That being said, you can still get Hori online in the US from the following website.

you can always try eBay but you probably wont find one at the $99.00 MSRP.

Yes, the white HRAP3 is the Amazon.jp edition so you won’t be able to get it in the US through official distributors. Again, there’s always a chance to find it on a US auction site.

hope this helps.

ahh okej was hoping for a physical store :frowning: