Where to buy JLF Octagon gate without bad shipping?

I looked at most of the sites for the Octagon gate and it’s $4-5 dollars, but places like lizard lick charge for $5 shipping, which is a complete rip off considering the gate barely weighs anything. So can anyone help me out and pointing me in the direction of where I can buy it with some decent shipping?

Do you know what it costs to ship something? $5 is the minimum you should expect to have something shipped for…
This is precisely why people buy stuff in bulk, and not individual items, so they can save on shipping.
You’re going to have a hard time (read: Impossible) finding shipping less than that.

I sell stuff exclusively online, so I know everything about shipping rates. Something that weighs like 0.01 lb, should not cost $5 to ship. I’m sorry, but that is completely ridiculous. I don’t even care if they use decent packaging. I will take a crappy bubble mailer any day of the week to save money. Even if it takes 10 days on the slow boat to china and back.

ohhh. I’m not sure you want a octagon gate in a bubble mailer. If it is mis-handled it could arrive to you cracked if pressure is put on the wrong place. Some parts might be delicate if not snapped into a stick. Namely the rotatey parts.

Check the Trading Outlet. You will have to buy from an individual seller who magically enjoys going to the post office. Otherwise call kfree from modchipman.com and yell at him over the shipping charges. He said it’s pretty common.