Where to buy joystick handle replacement?

Hi I’m wondering if anyone here know where I can get joystick handle replacement? I’m currently has my old playstation joystick with ball handle, but I’m really want to replace it with long handle but I can’t seem to find anywhere actually selling it.

Mine currently has this ball handle like the picture

and I want to replace it with this kind of long handle

This deserved it’s own thread.


in his defense, lizardlick does take like 3-4 weeks before they ship out their stuff because of all the stacked orders

Oh nice… thanks rtdzign! I’ll order one from them… do you think I need the Sanwa Joystick Adapter? or PlayStation joystick is standard which will fit without the adapter??

You will buy one Sanwa LB-30N.
And you will need to buy one Thread Adapter.

you should get the adaptor. Since I dont have the mayflash/elecom I have no idea on the size of the thread if it is standard.

If you are in a rush and can’t wait a month then yes modchipman.com is the way to go.

Err… the Elecom balltop is glued, people usually cut the shaft with a saw before fitting a sanwa JLF. In other words, the balltop is not going to be changed easily (on stock parts)

I think he does not even have an Elecom Stick but some Playstation stick. I think he just wanted to show that he has a ball top at the moment.

I’ll try take a picture of my stick later when I get home, my ball top is easily unscrewble and the joystick was from Playstation one back than which right now I’m using it with usb adapter to PC.

Big ball

Has anyone ever ordered the silly giant ball tops that LL has.? (Sanwa LB-45) I recall it only came in 3 colors (red, black and white) I recall seeing these ball tops on certain arcade machines back in the days but I wonder how they would play with SF4.

Here are the pictures of my joystick… please let me know if I need the adapter


Yes you will need.

Did you not see my previous Post?
I answered you exactly knowing that you have the Namco Arcade Stick for PlayStation.

Ok… Thanks, I just making sure… :china: