Where to buy Lexan for custom art layer?

Does anyone know where I can buy Lexan sheets in Southern California? I thought I could print my custom art on Vinyl at Kinko, but they said that it has to be vector illustrator file onlynot images. So I have to print the artwork on paper and put Lexan over it. But I don’t know where to buy. Thank you.

Home Depot or Lowe’s should have it and be able to cut it to size for you. If one near you doesn’t stock it you can get it here: www.usplastic.com

Thank you so much!

i bought lexan it has .093 thickness, but it looks way to thick to fit my sanwa snap ons. where can i buy a less thicker piece.

If you live in a smaller town, the building supply places may actually not carry it. You may have to call window and glass stores, and winshield repair places too.

Im in orlando florida, i just dont know where to look beside home depot where i bought the piece to begin with. and its for a Hori T5 stick

0.093" = 2.3622mm. Sanwa snapin thickness 2.4-4.4mm :slight_smile:

Also, are you sure its not 0.098" thickness? usually its 3/32" (0.098).

3/32 = .09375

if it helps at home depot lexan sheets are available near the screen door section. common sizes they have are 8" x 10" and 12" x 24", and the thickness is 0.093

With the added thickness of the metal panel of the t5 stick that’s why I’m thinking there not going to fit…

Get acrylic instead of Lexan. I don’t know why so many people use Lexan. Here’s a comparison from slagcoin’s site.

Polycarbonate is much more flexible than acrylic; polycarbonate can bend much more than acrylic without cracking; this makes polycarbonate much easier to drill than acrylic.
Acrylic is easier to cut and smooth than polycarbonate.
Acrylic resists scratching much better than polycarbonate.
Acrylic has much less friction than polycarbonate; polycarbonate has more of a rubbery feel.
Acrylic stays cleaner than polycarbonate; polycarbonate attracts grease and dust.
Acrylic is a little more transparent than polycarbonate (this is not that noticable).
Acrylic has a slight white tint, while polycarbarbonate has a slight black tint (this is not that noticable).
Acrylic weathers better than polycarbonate.
Acrylic is much cheaper than polycarbaonte; polycarbonate costs about three times more.
Acrylic is available in many tints and colors and even mirror surfaces (a specialty dealer is usually where these are found), while polycarbonate is not.

I got some acrylic and made my top panel today with it with no problems at all. No cracks, just clean cuts, first try.

^ The reason why I like lexan better is because it doesn’t crack or crack as easily as arcrylic. Also lexan just feels smoother for some reason… it feels really nice on your hands lol.

That’s cool but personally I would much rather get all of the benefits of acrylic. All I have to do is be careful when cutting it. It’s not like it’s difficult, just do it properly.

So the max thickness a sanwa snapin can go in is 4.4mm. So the laxen is 2.3mm + Hori metal panel I’m not sure how thick it is smaller then the laxen I know that.I should be able to fit the snapin correct?

i totally agree canto, with lexan and a forstner bit, butter through holes, with acrylic…had some cracks in some of the holes

also with an old table saw lexan, again like butter, acrylic, slight cracking

I used hole saws and a router on my acrylic, not a single crack.

Cool. I didn’t know Home Depot carried Lexan… and I was going to buy it here: