Where to buy Lexan?

The thread title says it all. Where’s the best place to get it? Do they have it at Home Depot, or Lowes etc?

Lexan is pretty much the brand name version, all stores probably aren’t gonna pay to get the name brand, the lowe’s here has a version in it’s window section, i think it’s lucite.

Hi guys am also in the market for some lexan and i dont know what kind of shop to look in, ive asked around and people dont seem to have a clue where to get it, i was wondering what type of shop lowes is?

hardware diy?

The uk and us have a lot of shops that are similar like ikea and homebase and i was wondering if i could get the lexan there, if anybody can give me some advice i would really appriciate it.

thanks in advance.

Lucite isn’t polycarbonate. It’s acrylic. And it WILL crack unless you’re very careful when drilling/cutting it.
Lexan is a polycarbonate. You can hit it with a hammer and it will not crack. Lexan is 100x easier to work than acrylic.
It’s found at home depot as said in the windows section or try ebay search–>1/8" polycarbonate

lucite tough at lowes = lexan

I had to buy 3 slabs of lucite because I kept cracking it when I was drilling the holes. Dont be lazy because lowes is closer. Get that mother fuckn lexan and save you time and money. Lucite = headached.

While lucite tuff is a better kind of acrylic, it’s still not polycarbonate. It’ll crack if you’re not careful. It was the first kind of plexi I tried actually. It does work good when you’re careful but after trying lexan/polycarbonate I was hooked…

Thanks for the info everyone. I picked up a 24"x12" sheet at home depot last night. I love this forum :slight_smile:

One more (sort of) related question for the US based folks out there:

Can you get metric sized hole saws out here? If not, what do you use to drill 30 and 24 mm holes?
I think that 15/16" is pretty close to 24mm, but what about 30mm? Ideas?

30mm=1 3/16"

you can get 24 and 30mm forstners from here:

What material are you drilling into? Forstners work great for wood and man made boards. If you use a metal plate for your buttons get a bi-metal holesaw.

Spade bits work excellent for wood as well.

So, yeah you can get metric tools out here, just have to look for em.

Actually I’m doing a mod, so I’ll be cutting plastic and lexan. What is best for that?

Lexan is indeed much much easier to work with, but I think I’ve made the transition over to acryllic because I think it’s a better material. It scratches much much less.

That being said most builders should probably go with lexan for the following reasons: 1) when drilling acryllic you should reduce your drilling speed to the lowest setting and go at a steady pace which is kind of hard to do by hand (I use a drill press so it’s much easier), 2) standard drill bit angles are too obtuse for acryllic and thus should be sharpened to a much more acute angle for added insurance (which you would more than likely do on a grinder which most of you don’t have), and 3) it’s a little cleaner in my opinion. Acryllic melts differently…in a more annoying matter. It “clumps” up. That’s the best I can describe it.

Lexan is a little more expensive but definitely less headache especially for people who use hand tools.


Either of the 3 will work fine. Go for the cheapest. Probably a spade bit. Hole saw next.

The only problem with lexan as paik says is it does mark easier than plexi, You will find the areas where your hands touch it will become dull over time. Plexi will stay shiny for longer.

Hey how much did that cost? I’m interested in getting some too, just wanted to know an estimate. Thanks.

It was just under $10.