Where to buy/ pre-order the upcoming TE2+ and/ or TES+ in Australia?


Done a bunch of research and it doesn’t look like us Australians are getting the new TE2+ and/ or TES+ coming out soon around the time of SFV release.

Has anyone heard anything? I can imagine them charging a lot but I’m pretty keen to buy one.

Alternatively, fellow Australians, what do you guys plan to for SFV?






Not TE, but might be what you want.



@noodalls I actually meant this stick in particular: http://store.madcatz.com/categories/fightsticks-category/Street-Fighter-5-Arcade-FightStick-TE2-for-PS4-PS3.html





if shipping wasn’t so bad I’d get it, i ended up getting a venom just waiting for my sanwa parts to arrive from the uk… any day now…