Where to buy primers paint etc. in the UK?

I have a Kaytrim’s Kustoms unfinished poplar case on the way. I would like some advice about the best products to use and where to buy them in the UK.

I had a look in B&Q and Halfords earlier but they didn’t have many spray cans.

As I understand it, looking at the NAS guide I need:

Clear Coat (optional)
Wax (optional)
220 grit sandpaper
320 grit sandpaper

Any help with what and where to buy would be hugely appreciated :lovin:

Blimey, B&Q and Halfords have about eleven trillion spray cans usually! I’ve certainly bought everything I’ve needed from one of those two places. Halfords is better for metal really though.

Thanks for the reply. Which brand(s) did you use?
I bought two plasti-kote cans today, one blue, one clear and they are both 100ml/85g. I’m not sure if they are the right thing or big enough though.
I’m hoping to visit a larger B&Q soon, once I have a clearer idea of what I need :smile:

I’ve used Plastikote in the past, I used brush on Satinwood for my stick though so didn’t buy the can recently, just in the past.

you might want to try a hobby/model shop like games workshop