Where to buy PS4 Mad Catz TE?

I’m looking for the Tournament Edition that’s for the Playstation 4. Does anyone know where it’s available to buy? I’ve been looking but it seems hard to find.

if you mean the te2, there on sites like amazon. If you mean the round 1 te, the closest to it coming out is the tes+ which comes out in February

Whichever works on PS4 and had the Sanwa parts. I think I was looking for the TE2. It’s sold out on Amazon for PS4 “Temporarily out of stock.”

What’s the TES? Just another TE which looks different with same parts? If that’s the case I’ll just pre order that since I’m having trouble finding these things in stock.

this one’s available http://amzn.com/B0166QDR5G
depend on preference, you could preorder the newer ones that come with touchpad function

If I were you i would wait for the newer one since it will have a touchpad, unless you really need a stick now.

By newer ones, do you guys mean the TE-S+? That’s the only one I see for pre order right now. Does that have touchpad support?

I’m not really in a rush to get one but I would like to get it by the time sf5 come out next month.

Yes, the upcoming TE-S+ and TE2+ have touchpad support.

So other than aesthetic design, is there any other difference between the TE2+ and TE-S+? They both have the same Sanwa parts, right?

I can’t really find a “TE2+” anywhere, just the “TE2”. But if there’s no difference other than looks, I don’t care, unless the TE2+ would be bigger therefore bigger in your lap? But if not even that, than I don’t care. Can anyone clarify?

They both have sanwa parts. The touchpad and L3/R3 support were added, and I believe turbo support was removed. Also, on the te-s+, the home panel was moved to the center, where you’re less likely to bump buttons while playing.

TE2 - detachable USB cord, chassis can be easily opened to access the buttons and stick for modding, cord storage, foam-like pad at the base
TE-S+ - cord compartment, slimmer, requires hex key to open up the case, suede-like pad for the base
someone please correct me if i’m wrong

Went to pre order the TE2+ 2day on amazon and it says it unavailable. In fact all Madcatz pads and stick due to release the same day as SFV are.

seems like preorder is full

I did think that at first but then every single madcatz controller set 2 release that day is unavailable and I really don’t think that all of them have maxed there pre order count. Maybe amazon got a low supply amount from madcatz.

NVM its actually cheaper to order it from newegg.com and they still have some.

Mad Catz store is still an option for the TE2+. Too bad their New Year sale doesn’t apply. However, if you haven’t seen the Chun stick in person, I have and it’s extremely gorgeous! The sale does apply so you’ll get $40 off and one hell of a stick. They actually used plexi instead of that damn flexible stuff that I got from the Xrd TE2 that messed up the original artwork…yes I’m pretty salty about that. lmao

For anyone still looking, I pre-ordered mine from the Mad Catz website and they still seem to have all the pre-order ones available.

40 off thats a pretty gd deal. I already pre-ordered the TE2+ tho, im just loving the ryu colors