Where to buy: rubber pads under sticks and cabinet wheels

I am looking for these two things. The pads I mean the black rubber things that you have under your stick for friction.

Are they available individually?

Also I am looking for those little wheels that go under cabinets. They are readily available… as part of a package for a cabinet. Any place to buy just the wheels?

Lowes and Home Depot have everything you inquire about. I gotta go there myself for a few steel plates.

Go to Radio shack for the rubber feet, they have some good options there. Thats where I go to get mine. They have different sizes that should fit your needs.

Which section are they usually in? I’ve been to both but havent seen anything like that that’s why I am asking…


go there and ask about 4 for $10 on batteries, while ur at it, sign up for the RS credit card and get 15% on batteries, while giving ur salesmen $5 in their pocket.

I work for RS, sorry.

Thank you for saving me the trouble of posting this thread. Answers appreciated!!