Where to buy Sanwa / Seimitsu parts in Tokyo?

I’m going to be in Tokyo for a bit and would like to pickup some parts for my HRAP3 but have no clue where I might be able to buy from stores. Are there any stores around Tokyo (or even in Akiba) that sells Sanwa / Seimitsu arcade parts?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The place I went to was Mak Japan. It’s just down the street from Club Sega in Akiba. The staff is friendly. What I did was I walked in, wrote down a list of parts and told the guy, “Sumimasen. Kore de onegaishimasu.”

You can also take a look around the shop. It’s pretty cool.


Check this link out:



Look for “PCB shops” on the map.

be sure to quote us the best prices in the shops you visit. Particularly Sanwa osbf and Seimitsu PKN button prices. :wgrin:

Thanks for all the info! I’ll definitely take a look when I’m there :smiley:

Can someone please quote Japan Akihabara (or any place in Japan really) high street prices for the following:

Seimitsu PS-14-K-N buttons.

Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y joystick (not to be confused with JLF-TP-8YT - which comes with a mounting plate).

I understand prices may differ due to competition and many competing stores in Akihabara selling the same product. So prices may vary and multiple quotes will help. Thx.