Where to buy scart panel mount connector?


Is there a place that sell a reliable and well price scart panel mount connector that can ship to the North America? I’m looking to RGB mod a CRT tv.


I am taking it that you saw Retro RGB’s Video where they converted a late 90s/early 2000s model CRT TV to accept RGB input?


Yeah kind of. I saw an old post by Mike a year back and thought it was cool. Now that I’m full swing into arcade stuff I figure it’s time :slight_smile: I’m comfortable around monitor as I have done 20+ cap kit/ chassis repair and am a electrician by trade


I used to know where to get them, just it was just a warehouse with new old stock

I did find this


I change my search term and have found them on eBay. The one link are pcb mount which doesn’t work for me. No comes the waiting game