Where to buy terminal strips?

Can any one direct me to where is can purchase some terminal strips? im building my first stiack and not sure where to get them.

Any good electronics shop should have them, depends on what sort you’re after.

Failing that, try an electrical wholesaler, someone that sells equipment to electricians. Cable, power points - stuff like that.

I have always picked mine up at radioshack, it may be a bit more expensive, about 2 bucks for a 14 terminal european style, but I usually only use one per stick or soon average, so it’s not so bad. Also by far the closest to my house, about 1 minute away.

Radioshack would be my first choice


RadioShack linkeroo.

Yep, Radio Shack would be the best spot. If it’s only minutes away go for it. If you have a Fry’s in town, that can be a start too, but sometimes they might not have them in stock at all. Which is kinda a weird, at least here in So Cal. The price range varies as well. It starts from about $1.99 to 7.99 at Radio Shack. I’ve got the $1.99 and it works just fine.

A strip of 12 are 0.33 each in my area. You can also use the removed blocks as quick disconnect alternates (3v and 5v versions both fit I find):


bend the metal prong and make sure they’re as deep in the metal prong as poss (to avoid possibility of warping the hole at the end of the prong when tightening).


Starbucks…I mean Radioshack.

Can also pick them up at Autozone.

Infoseeker - Why would you bother putting the connectors on the button contacts?

QD’s are quite sufficient, plus look neater.

I just happened to use whatevers available, and it’s cheaper than buying qd’s here. They work just fine too, i’m not saying it’s “better than” btw.

A question about the European-style strips:

You’re suppose to insert the wire with the copper exposed, and screw the copper down to make contact with the metal inside right? This makes the signal go through the opposite side.

Correct? European-style is a non-crimping strip as opposed to the American one, right?

Don’t forget Lowes and Home Depot carry them too.

Yes alangee, European style strips you screw down the copper to the inside of the terminal, and then the corresponding wire gets the same treatment on the other size. Most can accommodate the popular gauges, but thinner wires may not have great contact because of the restrictions the tightening has in the strips.

what kind of PCB is that?


Interested to know as well if someone knows a place that stocks them online. Can’t find them locally (in Canada), except 2 spot strips for $1 each :confused:

It’s a PS1 non-dual shock.

I found em at The Source/Radio shack…