Where to buy the Madcatz PCB or a compatible one?



Im having problems with my Madcatz PCB (how I know it?, I tested with other stick that I have).

The problem is that the A Button is not working (but if I’m in practice, disconnect and connect the stick the inputs register 1 push of A button), all other buttons and stick are working fine.

Someone can advice me where can I get one new or buy something similar, in order to remplace it?

This is just an ilustrative image (is not my actual stick)


Warranty is lost (I changed some things in the stick one I got it, like a month later I got the problem)

Thanks :wgrin:


you can try the Trade Forums.


just call madcatz and tell them you have a defective pcb.
they’ll opt to replace it for you, or send you a new pcb free.


But the fact that I made changes in the stick and changed the buttons will avoid my warranty?


Well, the MadCatz folk can always honor your warranty anyway, if all you did is a button swap…

It sounds very much like your A button is shorted. You might want to check the wiring and the PCB for solder bridges.


I called Madcatz (dont use email, they never reply back) and they sent me a new PCB :slight_smile:

ty all :slight_smile: