Where to buy wires?

Ok, can someone link me to place to buy wires to mod pads?

I bought some on RadioShaq but turns out they are solid wires & dont really work well with gamepads…So if someone can link me to site that would be great, hell even ebay as long as its cheap.

Also what’s the best size to use?

http://bulkwire.com/ for the best deals imo. but you have to get a lot.

size is all about personal preference… really doesn’t matter, as long as you dont get the ones that are too thin, cuz they can break easily.

Yea, baby! :wink:

Solid wires aren’t bad for pad hacking. What gauge did you get? I’ve seen people swearing up and down that stranded are magical but it’s easy enough to work with either.

Here’s the kind I normally get from Rat Shack (22 gauge).

Solid Cat5 is what I use.
I’ve had people tell me I’m stupid for doing so, but I just tell them “no u,” because I’m a monster.

I understand that the theory is that stranded cables are more flexible and easier to correct mistakes with, or reroute the wiring, but I just plan it out properly before I start cutting cable.

I didn’t find this, but it was recommended on SRK by another member. Looks like they’re running low, but maybe they will restock soon:


Search for “10 COLOR” on the page. Perfect 24 AWG multi-colored wire, available in solid or stranded.


25ft rolls different colors.

Can these wires be used to replace the quick disconnects in the TE?

Radioshack sells stranded 22 gauge hook-up wire, I just picked some up this past weekend. Matter of fact, I’ve found myself going there for most everything - wire, terminal blocks, terminals/quick disconnects, etc.