Where to buy xbox360 wired or Solderless PCBs?

Anyone know a good place to buy a Xbox360 controller wired or solderless PCB? I’m having a hard time locating a website that sells them. I tried to solder a PCB I had, but I fried it good. I’d rather just dish out some dough and pick one up already setup or solderless. I found a few websites but they are really expensive, and not in the US.

Anyone have ideas?

You will have to wait until Akihabarashop.jp has the PS360 available. Every thing else besides that requires solder.

I’ve seen solderless though.


A few other websites also.

thats the same product. akihabarashop is who makes those pcb’s. so unless the redistributers have a back stock, chances are they are out of stock too. check srk’s trading post for prehacked pcb’s. good luck.