Where to buy?

Where can I order a TE Arcade Stick that ships to Canada? I can’t find it in any store. I would not like to buy it from the Capcom Store because it costs $200+ USD if I were to buy from there. I have about $170 to spend, but the cheaper the better.


hope this helps

the last time i ordered from there, it took about 30 days to get to me.

I ordered one of my TE sticks from gameinvade.com a while ago, choose the express shipping and you wont be raped with taxes/brokage/duties ect

are you sure?.. that site doesnt look very safe to me…

Because it’s not pretty? you can buy it from their ebay site too, I found them through ebay because they had the cheapest shipping to canada for a te stick, not some crazy $80-90. And through ebay you can always do a cashback or file a complaint if your afraid of being scammed, that’s what they’re there for.

no, because when you click “about us”, there is nothing but a phone number.

Really, it took thirty days for your tigerdirect shipment to arrive? I live on East Coast and I’ve ordered three times from them in the last six months, and it didn’t take any longer than two weeks for my stuff to arrive. Maybe just order from Amazon.ca if you want your stuff delivered by CanPost? They’re selling the Round 2 TEs.

well, 30ISH, just a bit under, i bought some ps3 accessory… and i dont wanna buy from amazon because i really, really hate the round 2 art -_-

Hmm. Well, then maybe you can lurk Kijiji or Craigslist, or buy from shudder Gamestop?

For what system?

I run into a couple of people that try to sell their TEs and I’m in Toronto and Ottawa. I think I have someone looking to sell his PS3 TE for $120.

ill probably just buy from amazon… i can live with the crappy art -_- i dont like it because it dont play street fighter, i play blazblue, so i want the stick to NOT resemble SFIV, id rather have a small logo than a crap load of characters for the artwork. however, i do like how the sides are black, it matches the stick, unlike round 1

Are you really set on a te? you can always go for a hrap 3/3 SA for a much cheaper price if your getting it for ps3 and it’s better quality

hrap3 sa would be great, but i cant find anywhere that has them in stock. :confused: can you suggest a place?

just get your stick from meus. If you PM him, I’m sure he would have something of use for you.