Where to download tournaments/high level play/Tougeki2009


Like in torrent form, or from rapidshare or megaupload or something.

Reason I ask is because

A. Internet in Australia sucks
B. I am capped. Which means I can onyl get 49 kps download. Which means I cannot load street fighter youtube videos! Itr takes like 7 minutes or more of doing nothing for a 2 min video to laod.

So what I am wanting to do is to download a bunch of stuff and leave the computer and then just own the files. Is there any place to download AVIS or so of high level street fighter play?


bump or evo? I am really keen to watch some STIV tournaments from the pros!


https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10137 will let you download youtube videos.


I’d close this before you get nuked by the mods good sir.