Where to eat during Evo?


I just thought I’d start a thread about the places to eat while attending Evo. This gets a lot and by the time you get to Vegas it’s usually too late to research.

First and foremost looking at a map is kinda worthless in Vegas. But Yelp says there’s a good place only half a mile from here. Would you have to go outside to reach said destination? If so fuck that. There are forecasted highs of 115 degrees during Evo week. Learn from the mistakes of the past (hey look there’s a Sonic’s close by…) and stay out of the heat. It’s save you some misery and save the rest of us from your stink when you come back.

Another key thing is off hours eating. Research indicates Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood is the most affordable late night eats which will run you about as much as a McDonalds meal. The 24 hour place at Paris looks good but it’s averaging $18 a plate.

For the fatties there are always the Vegas buffets. My favorites are Bellagio and Wicked Spoon. Also, there’s the Buffets of Buffets deal which is $50 for 24 hours of access to all of the buffet’s at any of the Harrahs owned properties.

That’s all for now. Please feel free to add questions or opinions.


Dude, Earl of Sandwich is the shit!!! Seriously, just eat that. If not there is a McDonald’s a couple blocks down from PH, but it won’t compare to the delectable, juicy, tasty treats of Earl of Sandwich. If you’re not looking to eat super cheap, Gordon Ramsay opened a new bar and grill inside of Caesar’s Palace, and having eaten at his steak place inside Paris, I’m confident it would be awesome.

The Harrah’s deal is actually a good one, especially since some of their properties have great breakfast, others have awesome dinner buffets. It’s nice to be able to mix and match.

Also, since it’ll be blazing hot and a refreshing drink is a must, for all those 21 and over, I highly recommend the mojito at the Vesper bar in the Cosmo. It’s light and refreshing, isn’t completely a girly drink, and won’t bog you down like a beer.


the bellagio buffet is absolutely insane but really pricey. also, those 12 inch tall margarita/bong looking things might seem like a good idea at first, but they’re really not.


i agree with this man…unless you’re going to finish them inside…take em out and that alcohol seperates from the sugar insanely fast. Easy way to get sick.


Also, if u all don’t mind Shelling out money to be eating good food (I mean Michelin Star Level good food) while dressing up (like a Friday Casual style dress up), Gordon Ramsey does have his restaurant in Paris, and a lot of people do say the food there is good. But that’s if you have money to burn (or willing to burn money for good food). otherwise, the buffet are good too.


Im trying to see if I can stop by the Heart Attack Grill.


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You’re gonna be spending $30 a person at the buffet, the extra $20 is completely worth it unless you really don’t wanna take off your fedora and trenchcoat.


If your trying to eat cheap I’m pretty sure there’s a Chiptole in the same area as the McDonalds.


BFG Chicken strips bfgchickenstrips.com/

Its about a 6 minute drive but SOOO worth it… 4 years going to evo and I have lunch at least twice there each time… SUPER friendly staff and they even remembered me last time…lol…

The chicken strips are amazing… and the Mac n cheese is the best I have ever had. Not expensive either.
Everyone I take there is impressed :slight_smile:


BFG is better than Raising Canes?


Dunno… never went there. Someone local maybe could compare the two?


Last EVO, the cheesecake factory had a ridiculous amount of $1, $2, $3 plates that fed me and my 3 friends for a total of $25…total!


I went to Raising Cane’s on Flamingo last year at it was amazing drunk food. The strips, sauce and fries were well balanced and that bread put it over the top.


As a Vegas local, if you can get any form of transportation, attempt to get away from the strip to the surrounding areas. Head toward Las Vegas Blvd and Sunset or warmsprings and theres a ton of affordable restaurants in Town Square and the Mall: Chipotle, Samurai Sam’s, Outback, Tropical Smoothie, some pizza place, Spicy Pickle, Subway, Quiznos, McDonald’s, and a few more. Town Square is a particularly cool place to go to, lots of bars like the Blue Martini (has hookah), sit down restaurants with out the vegas price mark up (some still expensive but that’s because of the quality of restaurant), and if you have $40 to blow…hit Texas De Brazil…unlimited meeeeeeeat.

Also vegas has a metric fuck ton of sushi restaurants, many pretty decent, obviously look to local venues or head to china town.

If you’re stuck on the strip attempt to go into one of the small dives along the sides of the bigger casinos, you can occasionally find decently priced things.