Where to find hard to obtain arcade parts?


I’ve seen a few sticks lately sporting stuff like OSBC-30s, OSBC-30rg and sanwa/ascii flash optical joysticks. Im just wondering how people go about obtaining stuff like this in 2009. Is there a good forum where they trade/sell this stuff, is it mostly done through japanese auction sites w/ a proxy bidder; is there a list of ascii sticks that contain stuff like the sanwa flash?


A good trading forum… Hm… where would you find one of those…?

Sanwa Flash don’t pop up TOO often, but I’ve seen them. And they’re quite pricey when they do pop up. One guy was selling one brand new there, which is unheard of. I don’t know where else you’d get rare stuff like that, probably on Japanese websites like you said.


Hey there. I got both of my Flash 01’s in SRK’s trading outlet. I got lucky saw them, instantly sent a pm. Now their mine from 2 different sellers. They were a bit costly 100 for a complete flash. The parts in it were used more than any stick I’ve seen. The actuator looked as If it was wearing away, the spring wasn’t even a spring anymore. Luckily the flash 01 are basically JLF’s with optical switches. So I replaced everything. Now it’s good as new. My other flash I got for 80 for the PCB alone. These sticks are awesome! Really precise, at first when playing and hearing/feeling no clicks of the switches seems counter intuitive , but after I got used to it I now prefer it. Flash + new spring = love.

Now with the OBSC-RG’s I have I got them from kfree ( the modchipman ). I think he may have more. They are just not listed on the site. When I got them he had three colors blue, yellow , and red. They were 8 bucks a piece.

Anyway. Hope this answers a few of your questions.


akihabarashop.jp has a large selection of arcade parts and reasonable japan to us shipping.

they are certainly a trustworthy seller. their web shop is typically only open on the weekends - check their site for a schedule probably.


They carry almost everything. Anything thats readily available or still being produced he can get. But neither Flash 01’s or OBSC’s