Where to find low price hookup wire?


I’m doing some electronics projects (custom stick, etc.) and I need to find some hook-up wire, but I can’t seem to find what I need at a low price. Where do you guys get your wire? Hopefully it can be a distributor that carries the female disconnects so I can save on shipping.

edit: I only need 50’ or less and 24AWG wire, that combo is hard to find for me.


I used to go to radio shack at first. But now i get it from work. I stole 2 gigantic spools of 24 and 18 stranded wire. lol


slagcoin has some links in one of the last few pages on resources/mats. I’m not sure where I would get it locally other than radioshack though, and I’ve not seen it in very large quantities there. Lowes/etc only have wiring for housing related stuff


I got spools of colored wire from a local electronics store, since they are the only people that have more than 3 colors of wire readily available in all gauges and know it. They charged $12 for a 25’ spools of it. Spent about $100 on wire of varying colors.

Luckily I have 4 Frys Electronics within driving distance with me, and a Microcenter that sells that stuff on the cheap, but they only have at most 5 colors, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White and every I go they seem to be missing the color I need.

I am considering trying out bulkwire.com I can get for $70 with shipping twice as much wire than what I paid $100 for.

Anybody buy off of them?


can you just use the wires that connect a power supply to the motherboard of a pc?

i cut some from work:wgrin:


just go down to home depot and have them cut you some cat-5/6 cable. Its 24awg, pre labeled (white stripes your ground) and dirt cheap (33 cents a foot)


I got mine from Radioshack. Honestly, is 6.59 for 75 feet of wire is just fine with me.

edit: Unless you really need 24 AWG and 22 doesn’t cut it.


AceHardware sells them pretty cheap, check it out.


just go to your local electronics supply. i picked up a 100 count bag of female .110 qd’s for $1.99 and 100’ spool of 24 guage stranded wire for $7


are these quick disconnects with the insulation around the bottom end where you crimp them? I can see the ones without being that price, but with the insulation - that’s very cheap!

100 here in UK would cost around $20


yes they are insulated around the bottom. i was wrong with the price though, i just looked at my receipt and it was more like $4 a bag. still a good deal, since a 15pk costs $1.50.

here is a link to their online store page for the .110 qd’s, im not sure how much shipping would be to the uk, but you can give it a shot. luckily for me they’re based in san diego.