Where to find metal for a control panel? How to drill?

I’m really wanting to make my next stick with a metal CP, seeing as how these jap parts were meant for them anyway.

My question is, where do I find it? Do I need to look for a certian store? Do I have to know how to weld? All I need is for the top to be metal. How do I cut/drill metal? Are their drill bits that are rated for metal?

Any one that can help thanks in advance!

for holes in metal u can either use a hole-punch or the drillbits that are big hollow circles (cant remember what theyre called sorry)

for the box, u can just make it out of wood and just fave the top panel metal, so there will be no need for welding.

all u really need to do is mak the wooden box and the top panel, and screw the top panel on, in not sure what stores sell metal (i get it from school lol) but they sould be able to drills the hols for u there if u have plans on what u want the final product to be.

hope that helps

I work in a Tool & Die shop in Windsor, Ont - and we have tons of scrap sheet metal of varying thickness. We toss out a lot in the metal bins outside our shop.

If you were to look up what metal shops you got around your area, go for a drive and peek in their bins after hours - bet you find something useable.

If dumpster diving isn’t your thing, you can always call them and ask if they have any small peices of scrap you can grab (or buy). Chances are they’ll give you a few pieces.

thanks for the posts, anyone else have any more information?

I’m not below dumpster diving…

I heard a holesaw (round circle drill bit) will work for metal of the thickness I need, is this true?

Get it laser cut,

I drew mine in autocad and sent it to the laser cutters. It cost $90AU and the cost goes down as you cut more of the same. I could have cut 10 of these $199AU.

It’d be much cheaper in the states to do this kinda thing.

heres how it came out.




for 90AU I could just buy a completed metal box with finish…

no go on the laser cut.

Your best bet is simply to hit up some local shops, they all have junk metal bins. (as grimspoon said!)

Or just hit up a local hardware.

Also to get really nice clean looking cuts, after you use a metal hole saw. Get a file set such as


to get really smooth edges. (use the rounded files, not flat!)

yeah, I have a file set that I can use, thanks for the tip!

I use a dremel + sandpaper for finishing off rough metal cuts at home. I have fine files that I get from work, but I find dremel + sandpaper (anything from 80 to 220 grit depending on desired finish) to be much faster and a lot easier as well.

A file is fine if you don’t have access to any rotary tools.

How do you go about cutting the outside curves of the panel? Personally, I can’t seem to cut a decent straight line with a Dremel.

just use a hole saw… Doesn’t matter if the edges look yucky, they’re covered anyways.

he means the outside edges of the CP, not the holes.

brumma, make the rough cut as best you can with whatever tools you have (jigsaw with metal cutting blade?) even if its rough. You can then clean it up and have it be perfect using a bench grinder.