Where to find move invicibility data?


Does anyone know any place online I can find info on move invincibility. I’m looking for something that covers the entire cast and tells which moves have invincibility, when the invicibility frames start and how long they stay active, type of invincibility - i.e. strike, throw, lower body…

Wiki shoryuken always has easy to access frame data but rarely anything on this stuff.


What game? What character? Different games have different websites on move data…


Oh sorry, I forgot this was a general thread. I’m looking for data on SSFIV AE2012 and preferably something that covers the entire cast. Basically I want this in order to learn matchups, learning every move property can be tedious. Actually I recently found the guides on EventHubs and so far they’ve been provided everything I wanted to know. Some of the info is not up-to-date but it’s fairly easy to look up any new changes (AE, AE2012) on the WikiShoryu site.