Where to find omron micro switches?


Haven’t seen any arcade part venders selling those black omron switches that come stock on Japanese arcade sticks, unless I missed them somewhere. Anyone know where to get a few??




MS-0-2P Microswitch (for the TP-MA PCB)

Omron Silent Reed switch (for Silent JLF mod), same switch as Sanwa’s official silent JLF

Aki Shop
Sells the MS-O-3R individual terminal Microswitch (not using the TP-MA PCB)
as well as MS-0-2P


WHICH Joystick?

You’re probably talking about the JLF, yes, but there are different styles and sizes of Omrons that fit not only the JLF but the Seimitsu LS-series joysticks and the Hori Hayabusa as well as non-Japanese joysticks and discontinued joystick models.
Be aware that these manufacturers make versions of their joysticks with the microswitches soldered into a PCB as well as other models of the same joysticks (within the manufacturer’s catalog lines) that don’t have a PCB/prong interface and required common ground and directional signal line hookups with a cable harness. There can be slight but very important differences between the microswitches produced for one version of a joystick (PCB model) versus another… these slight differences can make using the microswitch made specifically for a PCB-joystick a pain to to install or use with the non-PCB model and vice-versa!

Omrons come with and without levers for the microswitch tabs.
It’s important to know what joystick brand and series you’re using because it’s very easy to end up ordering the wrong part.

The functions and parts of microswitches are similar but the size and case configuration can make these parts incompatible between different joysticks – even within the same manufacturing line. Seimitsu LS-32’s use microswitches very similar to the LS-56 BUT the LS-56 is a smaller, less bulky joystick and the microswitches from the older model LS-32 won’t fit into the LS-56 base very well!


if i could suggest an alternative; the panasonic switches used on the new hayabusa joystick seem to work well for me and they’re alot cheaper, @ about a dollar each. they require an operating force of 200g like sanwa’s omron switches and mount just fine to the jlf main body. they would require some more work since they don’t attach to a pcb or use a harness but if you’re able to replace individual microswitches on a jlf then installing these should be a breeze.


Where have you found those?


Omron products are found everywhere, considering it is a large company. My doctor’s office has a Omron heart monitor.
Besides they’re even at Digikey! http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/V-10G-1C24-K/SW126-ND/31078


Mouser has that same switch as well, in fact I just ordered 8 of them last night.