Where to Find Other Beginners


How do you find a beginner to play? I get touch of death comboed when I play against most guys on here.


On Supercade, you can often challenge random people in Hyper SF2 AE. Then you pick ST characters and try to get better with them. On GGPO, there is usually a couple of new players, but they may not live near you, which means lag.


you just need to say that you’re learning the game and you need help, in my case i use to show some of the basics of the game, also i give tips and examples.


most people that still play this are at least intermediate/have some idea what they’re doing so it can be hard to find beginners.


It really is hard to find beginners in ST. I’m intermediate I would say, probably a novice now having been off for some years, but they say its like riding a bike!! Holla if you see me on anytime, UNV Rasta


It’s pretty tough, but it’s helpful that the majority of the community is willing to help the new/intermediate players level up.


Spending some time training would probably be the best bet for a novice. Learning to execute moves is critical in Super Turbo. There are alot of threads on here which show you how to do this


Yup. Learning how to control your character is step 1. It helps that most of the motions are fairly simple and just require practice to nail down consistency. The majority of special and supers you’ll probably pull off within the first few minutes of practice.


Do what phil said. Some people will give you grief for being new but just avoid them. You’ll learn who the helpful players are quickly, and stick to playing with them.