Where to find thinner cat 5 cables?

The one I have now for my main console cord is a little too thick, which makes it a PITA to store in my TE cable compartment or shut the door when it’s installed. I’ve seen a few sites that offer ultra flat cat5 cables, but I’m looking for something with a smaller diameter so I can easily put the end into a mini din 8 connector and store it.

I’ve tried a few stores in the area that would carry this sort of thing, but haven’t found anything yet.

Rather than looking for thin cat5 cable you could use a ps2 extension cable. It has enough wires in it and should be thin enough.

Ooh, that is cool.
Thank you for that thbirdman.

Oh, yeah that is a good idea. I assume I can wire up an ethernet plug to it and it’ll still work with the RJ45 jack? Also, from what I see the ps/2 cables are all 6 pin. If I were to wire up an 8 pin connector onto it instead, would it still be compatible with my PS1/2, GC/Wii, and USB console cables?

I’m new to all this, but trying to learn.

When I said ps2 I meant playstation 2, not ps/2 computer cables. A playstation cable should have 9 wires running down it, which is more than enough for the ethernet plug. You can crimp the ethernet plug onto it, you just have to make sure to record which colors you use for each pin to keep consistency.