Where to find THIS Madcatz TE SF2CE Layout?



So ive been looking for this layout on the forums but i havent had much luck. I read around somewhere that it was a layout created by apex? The .psd file apparently has all the images separated per individual layer and that would really be a big plus. Any help would be appreciated everyone

thanks in advance


I have the psd. file. It’s pretty large though. What’s your email?

Here is what I did a while back.


nice wok and pm sent


I have it as well, found it on Gootek’s old site a while back, and I use it on my own TE, hopefully you are covered with ice_berg_slim. PM sent anyways.


Oooo! Can I have?


PM’d. I’ll put this up for download once I get it.


Doubleposteroo. I put it up as PNG. The original was too damn big.