Where to find wired PS2 programmable controllers?


Hi everyone,

I need some serious advise in my current situation. Before anyone goes crazy, I spent 3.5 hours looking for a thread on this and I can’t seem to find it even though I know its hidden on here somewhere. I want a PS2 programmable controller that’s wired, but I seem to have a problem finding one. My purpose is to play MVC2 at EVO2k9, but the problem is I am not a stick player. I have the Dreamconnection II converter (which is PS1/PS2 to DC) and works perfect, but my PS1 programmable doesn’t have the right feel or the analogs. I searched for lots of PS2 controllers, but seem to find only wireless ones which are banned at EVO tournaments. There was a alternative which is this http://www.prlog.org/10146199-ps2031psps2-controller-programmable-converter.html but that might not work on the converter since its a converter. I found several INTEC controllers, but their compatible with PS2/PS1 or just slim PS2 only. Another is the REACT PS2 controller, but seems not to ergonomic. I want to know if there are any better products out there for PS2 programmable controllers that any of SRK gamers used. I play the MVC2 PS2 version which has R1=Lp+Hp and R2=Lk+Hk by the way. So I just want to program the macros that the game allows you to have. Basically I need the PS2 button configuration for the DC version of MVC2. I need more choices and recommendations please.