Where to get a good MAS stick

So lately I’ve been trying to pick up this game again and I’ve been looking around for a good MAS stick with HAP parts. I live in so cal so is there a shop around there or does anyone live around there that knows how to make sticks like these or has any for sale??? I would greatly appreciated it !!! Thank you!!!

MAS on eBay:

I’ve heard that it’s best to hit them up directly. Good luck.

Ah OK thanks!!!

You’re in SoCal? Where about are you playing at? What system?

West covina and Dreamcast

Just saw this threada again. How many sticks do you have? I don’t have my DC mas sticks anymore, but I’m down to play some mvc2 (I only use high tier, and I’m not good with any of them), if you have two sticks. I’m in Rancho Cucamonga.

I don’t have any sticks atm

I still need a stick

who still sales them?