Where to get a HRAP3 in SF/NY?

Hey guys. I’m flying to America (specifically San Francisco and New York) in a week, and would like to know where I could pick up a HRAP3 while I’m over there.

I’ve heard that Gamestop and EB Games are a couple of major retailers there, but I can’t find the HRAP3 on either of their sites.

If anyone could post the name of the shop, address, and price (or a URL), I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Considering it isn’t officially released in the US AFAIK I wouldn’t expect to find one except possibly at expensive import shops.

I’ve seen the odd post where people have bought at least a HRAP1/2 from their local stores. It’d save me a shitload of money buying it enroute to London, rather than importing it once I arrive in London. Everything is like twice the price over there after shipping + import duty + VAT + other bs charges. I can’t bring myself to pay US$200 for a stick.



I’ve seen these for sale in Gamestop and EB Games every time I walk in. $59.99 isn’t a bad price.

EDIT: Nevermind, that looks like the Fighting Stick instead of the HRAP3