Where to get a job in the NW

i figure since it’s hard times, we might as well help a brother out. if anyone hears of someone hiring, or knows of positions that need to be filled (no homo). should post it up here. a shoryuken’s list if it were.

sometimes a little help can be nice!

i’ll pay for street fighter 4 lessons.

real talk.

we might be hiring at yahizzle soon.

possibly as early as the upcoming quarter, i’ll keep y’all informed.

Cintas is hiring I believe, right next to Boeing in Everett.

yeah? i should do a resume this place is killing me. as long as my monitor isn’t broken when i get there hahaha!



So I was at Northgate last week. Couldn’t help but have myself the two entree meal at Panda Express. Double orange chicken because I don’t have time for that other shit. Some dude walked up to me asking if I had a job. They were looking for 20 yr olds to join the comcast sales team. Apparently they were really low on staff. I mean damn, for some dude to just walk up to me for a job is crazy. I still have the dude’s info if anyone cares.

i’ll put in a reference if you guys want for comcast. i worked there for six months :smiley:

mackinzie got fired from comcast.


real talk, niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

for attendence, but i was much loved by all staff :stuck_out_tongue:

you got fired for having an evo attitude.


/edit: pdx’ers should check out aerotek staffing.

SeattleVersus.com is hiring fluffers/groupies.

inquire within.


Pablo that job is for people goin door to door. I don’t think I could do that in this economic climate.

Word Mandel. The dude said it would be based in the north end. I wasn’t too interested until he said if I knew of others looking for work. There were bigger matters at hand, like enjoying my delicious and authentic chinese cuisine.

just do something hella shady. like…

yo let me hook you up with limited basic then call in and ugprade it saves you money on installation “about 50 bucks” but that’s only for the tv services :stuck_out_tongue:

I work at a consulting firm, we are always looking for consultants. So if you need a job, holler at me.

I would be down for that if they would hire me lol. But don’t you need like a degree or license of some kind to do a job like that?

This is how I got a job.


Someone in the greater Seattle area should hook me up with a job. Willing to sit on my ass in a cubicle for 12 hours a day, if required. Also willing to work at check cashing or pawn shops. I have no scruples. Positions where I can subjugate women are a plus.

Seriously, someone hook me up. I won’t embarrass them.

Seriously, finding a job around here is no joke. I’m hurtin.
I didn’t know Oregon had one of the highest unemployment rates til i got here.
If i come across something, i’ll definitely post.

Gotta help each other out, right?

Until than, i do art commisions. lol.
Both photoshop work and illustrations. (in case someone wants something done for there sticks or whatever)

You can see some of my work over at my MySpace page (at least til i finish setting up my blog):


Currently workin on some SF related works. Those’ll probably be in the fanart thread soon.

In the meantime, i’mma be on the lookout for something a little more concrete.

Word on the streets is that there is a job fair at the Tacoma Domez.