Where to get a terminal strip like this

I need something similar to what’s in the SE stick, where I can use QDs to attach the wires:


Does digikey carry this? If not, where should I look. Radioshack obviously doesn’t have anything.

Jesus, only an hour for this to drop down to the third page.

But I guess the important questions like “is this a good stick” or “where can I buy buttons” need answered again…:rolleyes:

your question is on par with them so let up… if you think digikey has them, go and look at there site!

what a elitist attitude

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Ok, I’ll go check Digikey…


…Hey I found terminal strips, awesome!

Now all I have to do is figure out which one out of the 379 varieties it is without pictures and without knowing what the part is called! This should be easy!

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now i am pissed… you expect others to do the work for you? i spent 2-3 days looking for FFC strips and connectors in the uk and i had to use the same method, dont just roll up here and expect an answer because your cant be bothered to look it up…

you can narrow down your search to, you can take into consideration how many rows are in the terminal and length and then scale down from there using the sites own search tool!

if you spent your time on searching rather than typing sarcastic remarks you might actually get somewhere.

^^ Dude seriously. I don’t even think you understand exactly what I’m asking about. This isn’t actually a standard terminal strip. I don’t even know what the part is called. I say terminal strip because that’s the closest term I know. If I knew what it was, I would be able to hunt it down pretty easily.

Let me revise my earlier question and make it easier on you:

“What the fuck is this thing called, and where can I find one?”

It’s not a hard question. If you don’t have an answer, don’t post in this thread.

Stop spilling your douche all over SRK.

And why do you need a terminal strip exactly like this? Take a wire stripper and strip the QD off of one end and use a regular terminal strip and shove the wire into it and bolt it down. You’re making this too complicated.

It seems that trying to swing your epenis around in here gets you off.

Raele I will say this once and only once. Your opinion on these forums about getting pissed off cause someone asked a question, matters to none of us. Personally I think that you are the one trying to act like the elitest. People like you who have no other voice other than to be an asshat in forums irrtates the lot of us. Im sorry that you have some poor exsistance that you stem from, living in whatever hovel it is that you have found a chair and beached yourself in front of a computer to sit here and judge someone who asked for some help.

Your inane ranting and constant bitching throughout the forums does nothing but shit up threads and make you look more like an idiot (don’t know if that is possible). Go back to gameFAQs and run your shit there. Next time you think about opening your mouth, just make sure you do it when the guy gets out of his car and asks you to fill it up with premium.

Or do this and get some 22mm wire from RS and some QDs from LL and preserve your original wires.

I think he wants to have an exact replical though.

Wow. Good stuff. People on the internet are angry.

It’s completely legit for him to ask what this thing is called. Especially, as he mentioned, there have been a ton of bad threads recently that have no trouble receiving answers. If you don’t know the answer why take time to crap on his thread?

Standard terminal strip work for what I’m doing.

It’s for replaceable control panel on an arcade cabinet. It would generally go CP>Molex>PCB

You replace that molex with a terminal strip and you have to unscrew 20 spots every time you change the control panel out.

I just want to test this out because it might be nice to have an easily removeable option as opposed to the molex.

I’d like to see if they exist as far as being able to buy them somewhere, because I’d like to test it out.

Simple enough for me.

Is there anyway that you can solder some sort of quick disconnect inside the panel and make is compatible with both so you dont have unscrew all that shit.

It could be a custom part made in house

QF-fucking-T. Reale and arr4ws are straight D-bags to the fullest for acting like that. This is a tech forum and he wanted to ask a damn question.

The SE terminal strips are actually a PCB with male tabs soldered onto them. The PCB then connects all the grounds and connects everything to the two 10/12-pin connectors.

I found a company that makes something very similar to that, it’s essentially the same as the SE but without the PCB and 10/12 pin connections:

Looks like you can buy additional male tabs and attach as many as desired… should probably get a proto/stripboard to use with this.

http://www.isiconnectors.com/mfrs/lmi/lmitb.htm edit: Upon further research, these guys are just redistributers… WECO makes these and you can order from them directly online. There’s three variants with different distances between each tab and they let you request samples… so you can probably get all you need for this project for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. quit bickering lol

Thanks, I’ll look into those. I figured it might be something made for the SE, but wasn’t sure.

I should be able to do what I want with something like that though.