Where to get quick disconnects for pushbuttons?


Heya all. I’m currently looking for where I can get the quick disconnects that attach to the .110" lugs in pushbuttons. Can anyone direct me where to find some?


100 Red Quick Disconnect Terminal 22-18 Wire .110 Tab - eBay (item 390077532526 end time Jun-29-10 04:18:05 PDT)

that’s where i bought mines. reliable seller and fast shippng


You can buy from Lizard Lick for $0.10 each if you like.


Awesome. I’ll keep this in mind, but it seems to expire in a couple of days. I may not be able to jump on it right this moment, but they’re only a state away, so shipping would be lightning.

AH, Lizard Lick has them? Where? I thought I combed their site over!


Lizard Lick Amusements - Electrical


oh don’t worry about it expiring. he’ll re-post them right away after they expire


Oh. ^_^;;; Thanks

Kk, they’re a better deal for the bulk. Thanks. For once, living in southern Georgia pays off, Lizard Lick AND this guy are both one state away, mwuahaha!


glad to help you out:wgrin: