Where to go in Toronto to party (bars, clubs, popular areas to hangout) taking trip

me and at least 5 people are road trippin from maryland to toronto in august, and see the orioles play the blue jayz on a friday, saturday and sunday, and before and after that, just party from friday morning to sunday evening. leaving on a thursday night. just want a little help from any of the canadians here on where to have some fun on the weekend. crew will be mixed of black and white people, all open to pretty much whatever kinda scene. accept any punk rock stuff.

thanks for any info. ill be googling in the mean time


Try posting this in the regionals thread or wait until Nagata Lock II shows his face. He should be able to assist you. To eat, I recommend Springrolls. To chill? weeeellll Seven Lounge sounded hype.

…that went well.

word. thanks


Well you can send your black friends there…but for anyone else it’s brutal.

Seriosuly though dude…just go to richmond street, there’s clubs and bars all over the place downtown. I haven’t been going down there regularly for awhile so i don’t know what all the nights are anymore. Easy on the 5th is always packed, i hear it’s pretty good. Croc Rock is a coug bar. Republik is rock on fridays and normal stuff on saturdays, it’s alright…expensive though…but everywhere downtown is. Tonic is cheap drinks…so it’s all 19 year olds. My apartment is an older crowd usually. Joe (if it’s still there) has like 4 floors of different stuff, it’s alright. Lot 332 is like techno shit…it’s ok if you like that shit. Don’t go to the guvernment…it’s near the lake, and it’s thug life. The docks is out that way too…i’ve never been i hear it’s alright though, i think hilife still promotes there sometimes, so there might be alot of asians there. Don’t go to the bar above montanas…that place sucks. Cheap to get in though. If you want to go to the scrub bars, go to queen street, the west side. Diesel house is on queen, it’s pretty good. But it’s way the fuck down there so you might not want to go that far. And while your on queen…hit up jillys, it’s awesome.

Springrolls is chinese food for rich white people…you can get better food for cheaper anywhere down spadina. There’s your regular sports bars down there too Shoeless joes is close…umm, hard rock cafe is right in the skydome, lonestar is across the street, wayne greztkys is right down the street, they have a nice patio. Hooters is right around there too.

I don’t know, if your downtown there’s tons of stuff around that’s within a 5 dollar cab ride

bump for help

and thanks. didnt read your post until now

:rofl: LimeGreen listed off every old person club I’ve ever seen. :rofl:

He was right in that can head along Richmond and hit up a lot of different spots. Your taste in music, how nice you want to dress, and how much money you’d like to spend really determine your points though.

If you’re partying on a Friday, head down to Shmooze. They have an after work special where drinks are $2.50 from 5 - 10. After that, all their alcohol is discounted. It’s a bit packed at first as there are A LOT of people taking this place up on their offer in the evening but after that it settles down a bit and it’s a great time. It’s on the more upscale side of things so dress well. The music is of the hip hop, RnB, and in some cases top 40 (more dance oriented) variety. There are plenty of hot women to choose from as well. It should be noted that they have a mildly enforced 21 (women) and 23 (men) rule in effect. If you’re dressed to impress it’s not as much of an issue but I thought it best to forewarn you.

Considering you’re coming in the summer time, I’d recommend The Drink as your clubbing experience on a Saturday. It’s part of The Gunverment Complex. While Guverment has a reputation as a “thug hangout” that is most definitely not the case. If you go through the main door at Guv, you only get access to the main room (techno/trance/etc…) and The Orange Room (Hip Hop, RnB). What I suggest you do is go to the side entrance to The Drink. The cover is $15, which is on the higher end but you get access to the entire complex. The Drink itself is a very nice spot but the real key is that you can use it to get to The Skybar. It’s a rooftop club that’s only any good between June and August when the weather is hot enough at night that you need a cold drink. Beautiful spot, hot women, good prices on drinks. Easily my biggest recommendation for a spot in Toronto on a Saturday.

How long will you be in town? If it’s an extended stay I’ll look into letting you know about a few other spots. Those two are easily my favourite for a Friday and Saturday respectively though.

Have a good time.

Isn’t Shmooze also an old person club? They have 25+ nights IIRC
LGP is right, stick to Richmond… but for the love of God stay away from Croc Rock… Nagata’s right, that’s like 40 year olds.
Kool Haus and The Mod Club are pretty popular right now. Also, check out Skybar and This Is London. Not so popular but still fun… Republik is semi-grimey, but it’s gotten a little better. Distrikt is next to This Is London, it’s pretty grimey, but not bad.
If you’re looking for a more personal, pub like atmosphere, try Hemingways, usually a bunch of celebrities in that area too.

Sky Bar is pretty much the only club I bother going to these days. Its on top of Guvernment.

1.25 street meat on queen street is clutch.

There’s a few random weed cafes along young if you’re into pot. Not sure of the exact adresses, but if you ask any young stoner type they should be able to point you in the right direction. They don’t sell weed (generally) but most places will sell you some cookies/brownies so long as you don’t look/act like a cop.

Yeah, Skybar in summer is pretty win. There were some rumours about it closing this year/not opening up for the summer, but apparently that didn’t happen.

EDIT: Also, street meat after a club is mandatory.

You’d be surprised how many people have no clue about the good/cheap hot dog vendors in the club district. They’re like little goldmines throughout the city that can save you some serious coin if you’re buying a bunch of street meat for people at one time.

thanks alot. sounds good. like i said, my crowd is pretty diverse, and most of us will be 23 and up. just tryin to go to some spots where its safe, and i can have a decent time. any certain areas or types of people i should be on the look out for. no offense. i just dont know whats the good word in toronto, canada. planned on staying at a hotel close to the baseball stadium, and in the general downtown area. why are they called weed cafes if they dont sell weed? are they laid back about smoking weed in canada? anything i need to worry about when crossing the canadian border? you guys drive on the same side as the united states, right?

thanks for any answers to come, and anymore suggestions you add

If you’re going to be in the downtown club district and are looking for a place to eat, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to go to Burrito Boyz.

They have two locations:

120 Peter Street
(Peter and Richmond)


218 Adelaide Street West
(Adelaide between Duncan and Simcoe Street)

They serve enormous burritos for a fair price with a huge amount of filling choices.

I recommend the Halibut. It’s really fucking good.

Springrolls is *Thai Fusion *food for rich white people.

There are tons of sports bars along front street, and unfortunately none are quite that different from the other, nor are they particularly good. You could give the somewhat newly opened Jack Astor’s on Front and University Street a try; they recently revamped their menu.

The KEG at the corner of York and Adelaide St. caters to the business casual crowd. They do steaks. And more steaks. It’s a steakhouse. It’s a bit pricey though.

Of course, if money is no object, there are several really good fine dining resturants in the area, notably Bymark, Jump! and Canoe, but I’m not gong to bother posting about these unless you want to drop some serious cash.

Of course, there are a ton of Chip Wagons all along front street selling hotdogs, hamburgers and fresh cut fries for a very cheap price. I’d recommened going to one of those of street meat as opposed to your everday hotdog vendor.

Have fun.

They’re called weed cafes cause they let you smoke dope in them so long as you buy a drink or some shit (some of them have rooms you can rent out for like 10 bucks and hour with x-box 360s and shit in em too). Its more of a novelty at this point though, because you can pretty much smoke weed any where in the city so long as you keep your head up.

P.S Croc Rock is great if you like chopping cougars. I’ve been there a few times and I leave consistently smashed every time without spending a dime. You’d be surprised how many drinks some desperate housewives will buy you.

If you’re looking to do some shopping, I usually hit up Poster World on Young and Black Market on Queen Street West. Poster world has a huge selection of movie/music oriented clothing, plus they sell bongs and shit. Black Market is a really cool vintage store, and you can score some nice finds there every once in a while. If you’re shopping at Poster World for the love of god don’t pay full price. The guys there love to cut deals, and if you’re a good haggler you can exploit this pretty hard. Just don;t buy any weed shit from friendly stanger. Their stuff is very over priced.

As far as how to avoid trouble/groups to watch out for, just mind your business and people will generally leave you be. Even the "bad areas? like Jane/Finch and Region Park aren?t that bad so long as you have a head on your shoulders and don?t stare at any one too long. Then again I almost got stabbed in Region once.

Edit: Kymah speaks the truth, Burrito Boyz is big value.

Forgot to mention the fact that TTC drivers are so underpaid, and so tired of being assulted, you can pretty much get on any bus for like 10 cents so long as you’re nice about it. The whole fear of assult thing also allows you to drink and smoke dope on the bus/street cars so long as you keep it on the D/L. Most drivers just want to get their route done and go home.

That’s not a really nice thing to do. Don’t encourage visitors to disrespect your city and not pay their fare. Maybe the drivers don’t care if you drink or smoke weed on the bus or street car. But I’m sure other honest paying customers do. If you want to stay out of trouble, don’t be a prick.

yea yea good point.

Just mentioned the fair thing to let buddy know if he’s stuck on the street at 3 am with 20 cents to his name, he can still probably get back to his hotel. Obviously if you have full fair don’t just give 10 cents, but don’t stress out too much if you dont have enough is all i’m saying.

As far as the drinking and stuff goes, I shoulda made it clear that you should only do that shit late at night, when the thing is empty/near empty. I will drink on the subway any time of the day with out remorse though.

kymah, your Burrito section fuckin cracked me up. Way too fuckin good. Haha, I remember when I came to your place that one T tourney, we ordered those massive panzarotti’s LOL oh shit I’m laughing just thinking about them. Anyway, when you come to Toronto, be sure to bring a fannypack. And stuff it full of 20’s.

When you get down here with your crew let me know send me a pm or sumthing cuz im usually go to clubs and I know wich are good and wich suck

lol, if u going to give them advise, at least tell them why it 10 cents (the ttc token and our dime is about the same size) . i laught if he put in 10 pennies in trying to pass it as ttc tokens.