Where to play in Ft. Lauderdale / Miami?

I’m going to be down there for a week or so, and it’d be nice to know where to go.

Any suggestions?

Mike Z

O shit

The glitch master!!!

for MvC2 in Fort Lauderdale - Boomers

For mvc2, 3s, etc in Miami - Flippers

you gotta play around here in miami. keep us posted.

holy fucking shit

the legend…mike z, we are not worthy, please go to flippers, i got to play you.

Dont go to Boomers. The arcades are garbage. Flippers arent great but there playable. So stick to Miami.

Yeah… Nobody plays in Fort Lauderdale man…

If you want to atleast play a living soul @ marvel hit up flippers…

wow gouki10 once agian you prove to be a fag

Yo hes 14. He cant help it. He’ll play with himself for a nip slip JWong or something.

Flippers is the place to be or at Flash’s

BTW, it’s the 17th to the 23rd. Considering I’m going for reasons that have nothing to do with SF, I’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale for the most part, but I can be in Miami towards the end of the week. And since I have to have people cart me around, when is a good time to go to either of those places?

Also, if it’s a different spot, where would I go for 3s? (^.^)

There needs to be some kind of global arcade list that’s better than APEX…organized by city or something.
Mike Z

miami is the best for all the games in FL

flipper’s has the best comp around here for sure considering no other places have the big 3 capcom games. most players go there anyways so if you want to know the best day to go, it’s pretty much whenever we feel like it. your best bet is to set up a date and time and i promise people will show.

plus we have access to a tv at the actual arcade so if the sticks are crap on any game, we can always switch to console. cvs2 is usually played on console at flippers but i’m sure marvel can be worked in too. just be sure to bring a stick because the ones we own take some getting used to.

Hmm I might come to this.

Depends how work is for me and all.

Only if Mike Z goes.

there’s actually two TVs so with any luck you can set up an extra TV to play too. depending on how random the 3s sticks decide to be. they can probably run cvs2/3s on the TVs. the marvel sticks are apparently decent enough.

I think Mike Z should screw you guys and come stay the night at my house.

We can play 3rd Strike, MvC2, style each other’s hair, paint our nails,and talk about the dynamics of Juggs/Tron. It’ll be a blast! And hey, Peter can come too.

So whattya say Mike ole’ buddy? :lovin:


Strange people’s houses are out, but I’ll try and see if I can find out exactly when I’m free. I can’t bring a stick, but I can get used to just about anything.

I’m down for the nail painting though, maybe we can get a stylist to come to the arcade and help everybody out. (^.^)

Mike Z

…#%^Eh??*%$…i think u guys spend to much time in dimly lit rooms with no pussy. go to tootsies and (straighten) out your labito or post on fag site we dont play those kind of games here. either way, live and let live i guess

There is only a few really good players that go to flippers,but still better than anywhere else in south florida,and trust me,I have been everywhere.

if ur gonna go to flippers then make sure to bring some aerosol spray or something cuz there are some niggaz there that dont know the basic concepts of good hygene, hell not even borderline hygene :-…