Where to play Yatagarasu? (Japan Arcades)


I as wondering if anyone knew where Yatagarasu is played around the Tokyo/Kawasaki/Yokohama area?
The Yatagarasu forums seem kinda dead.
I have heard that different games have different arcades that serve as their hubs around Tokyo (?)
I moved to Kawasaki about a week ago, have been around some arcades and have only found people playing Street Fighter.

p.s. locations of CvS2 also appreciated :slight_smile:


To my knowledge, Yatagarasu is played weekly at Nakano TRF. I am unable to give you specific frequency for other locations, such as Kohatsu and llakb.

You should definitely ask the community about events as well as meetups. Example being Hiya_dkr and his weekly Danisens.

The Japanese community would surely be able to give you a more thorough answer for this matter. Other than that, you can look through these playlists for the names of tournament locations:

thanks for the advice sir