Where to post?

Having worked with considerable effort on a Street Fighter story over the summer months, I’m now looking for the best place(s)to post it on the web, given that its prior incarnation (a simple prologue)was either met with indifference, or wasn’t met at all.

Does anyone have any ideas where I should post the completed work? Should I give it its own website, or should I post each (rather long) chapter individually?

Thanks guys,


Post it here, and probably Fanfiction.net. I really don’t know of any other big SF fanfic depositories. Giving the work it’s own site could give it an interesting atmosphere, especially if the site has a slick design (see: Nightmare Symbiosis), but make sure there’s a way readers can leave their input.

Why not do both?? Post it here and make a website for it. If u want, you can post it at Fanfiction.net and that Street Fighter Fanfics msg board (If it’s still around) also.