Where to power the HAPP P360 from a MAS PCB?

Searched and searched the forums and google, couldn’t find anything to help.

Anyway I have a PS2 standard MAS stick and switching the stick with a Happ Perfect 360. I have everything wired correctly by using quick disconnects and all, but I see the P360 needs a 5 volt power supply. I’ve search the PCB that came with the MAS and the closest thing I see is a “VCC”, which is on the bottom right side of the PCB.

I want to be absolutly sure before I wire the power so I don’t ruin a $40 stick. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

EDIT: Where should I wire the ground? To where the ground is for the buttons or elsewhere?

u need an external battery AFIK

is it a MAS with a PCB or a just a chip taped to the side of the case?

I am interested in this as well, started a thread here:


YES here is your answer… since it is a MAS pcb… you connect the red wire to the VCC… it is universal on that board for any system.

then just put the ground somewhere on the daisy chain for the ground. i usually add them to the select button since it is close by and wont make a big wire mess.

I wish there was a 5v feed off that 360 wireless controller. I am stuck with a battery pack.

Thanks guys, it was the VCC, I was just worried it wouldn’t supply the proper voltage.

Is it just me or is that P360’s very rough? The mofro creaks and pops like a rusty door. I took it apart and found the spring washer is just plastic, which rubs against the LED housing which is of the same plastic. Plastic rubbing against plastic with a heavy spring pushing down on it isn’t ideal for competitive gaming. So here’s what I did:

-Cut one coil from the spring
-Put lubricant between the washer and housing, I kid you not, I used chapstick and it worked like a charm.

Now the stick is exactly like all other P360’s I’ve played on, maybe I got a bad one or HAPP isn’t making products like they used too.

Also to the guy trying to wire the P360 to the 360 controller I think the voltage output is 5V from the red and black wires going into the controller, here’s the article I read on it:


Uhm, this is one of the reasons why I suggest to get a multimeter and learn how to use it.

btw, I’ve noticed for a time, some pics of an internal picture of a mas stick had a single IC for it’s PCB and i’m seeing again real full PCBs for MAS sticks. Are these old MASes? Or did MAS go back to PCBs?