Where to purchase HRAP3?

Ok, so I’ve decided to get a HRAP3. Where would be the best place to order the HRAP3 with fast shipping/good price? I found a couple places. I don’t know if some sites are legit though.

Play-Asia $90 but with rape shipping. Also currently backordered.

Arcadeshock. Don’t know much about this place since I never ordered from here before. $95 excluding shipping. http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks~mas~hori~/hori-s-real-arcade-pro-3-hrap-3-for-sony-ps3-pre-order-hrap3-accessories-detail.htm

I found this place and its 99 shipped. Also don’t have experience with this site.

Those are all I know so far. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I got mine from High-Score Online just yesterday actually. They are legit and the price is great, but their customer service kinda sucks. It took them 2 weeks just to send out but if you are patient you will get it eventually.

I’ve ordered stuff from ArcadeShock too. They are a little more expensive but their service is much better and faster. So if you’re in a rush get it from them, otherwise get it from High-Score.

I’ve got them on my website, as well as everything else from Hori this weekend.

while we’re at it i’m not seeing the hrap3 anywhere on your site soulhadou, just stuff like the hfs3 instead; mind posting a link straight to the product page?

You’re right. It’s the hfs3, not the hrap3. I will call tomorrow and check availability and pricing, and should post it later tomorrow afternoon if it’s actually available.