Where to purchase tournament legal arcade sticks?

Let me preface by saying I’ve read most of the stickies, and they seem to reference primarily arcade stick parts, not pre-fab sticks.

Some friends and I are about to take the step from “casual players” to “casual players with arcade sticks”. (primarily play guilty gear x2 ac, sc 4, and samurai showdown).

I’m looking for a manufactured arcade stick for the ps2/ps3 (dual if possible, but ps2 that’s compatible to ps2/ps3 adapters works as well, and ps3 stick wouldn’t be a problem either) that is doesn’t have any macro/turbo function (right now we have some sc 2 universal sticks, but both have program modes).

Basically, a number of us want to travel to tournaments (to get beaten by the best so to speak) and therefore we’re looking for sticks that don’t violate the standard “no macro no turbo” rules.

As for price looking for the sub $100 range. At this range is there anything you recommend, or should I be learning to solder to canabalize a standard ps2 controller?