Where to request custom artwork? (Mayflash)


So i’ve searched the graphics forum high and low and it seems every request thread either gets shot down in flames or left out in the air, so i came here, where “no question is too basic” :D. Basically, i’m doing some Mayflash modding and i’m too shit scared to make my own artwork (on top of all the other things i’m trying to do which i’ve never done before) so i was wondering what would be the best approach to take to get a simple artwork done for me (should i provide the pictures / general design etc.). It wouldn’t be much, i’d just be taking out the background of one of the 3S stages and dumping that on


Hrmmm… I really haven’t seen too many Mayflash artwork, but the best place to ask is on the Tech Talk Forums . I would do you artwork, but it seems that it’s hard to find some templates for the Mayflash.
I would ask here :
The Absolute Noobie Thread about modding the Mayflash, since I have no prior experience with the Mayflash, and there are a lot of qualified people there that can help you out there.

Hope this helps a little.


Saka would you do artwork for an HRAP? :smiley:


Hey, hope this video sheds a little light for the Mayflash artwork :
I’ll try to find a .PSD file for the Mayflash Layout and post it here for you.


Here’s a PSD of the Mayflash template as seen in this post by kitschy:

Here’s a PNG image of the template:

Important note: this template isn’t 100% accurate and the circle cutouts can be a little off. It should perfectly be fine though if your artwork doesn’t rely heavily on the accuracy of the cutouts since you aren’t going to print the artwork with the circles and border on it anyways.


Also, it’s 72dpi. If you get it printed out at that resolution it will be 44" x 33" :rofl: It should be 300dpi.

This is a Mayflash template I put together for someone else in your predicament, it seemed to work fine for him: http://rs913.rapidshare.com/files/372869661/mayflash_template_300dpi.psd

But yeah, just go ahead and post up a general design you want or artwork you want to use. Shouldn’t take long to put together.


Yeah, it would be problematic to leave it at 72dpi but you can always change it before printing it.

I’d like to know though, is your template a lot more accurate to the actual dimensions of the Mayflash panel and layout? I’ve done some Mayflash art like this Chun Li art that I might have to redo before printing it for my own stick.


Nah. I didn’t make the template from scratch, just reverse engineered it from a finished template that was confirmed working. Switching between the two in Photoshop shows that they are close to, if not completely identical.


A closer look at both templates shows that they are noticeably different. I guess the only way for me to know for sure is to do a couple of test prints.


Wow, really wasn’t expecting such generous support. I’ll do my best to post up the 2 designs i want to use ASAP, one will be using the 8-bit artwork of ReyArt (i’ve got his permission) the other one i’m still a bit hesistant as to what i want, it’s a black stick with black buttons, so i’m thinking something on a white canvas, but i’ll post up soon (the moment some inspiration hits me :S).

Thank you again for the templates, this artwork has been giving me the most headaches of all the modding steps. Printing, sticking and protecting the artwork seems to be the most difficult of all teh steps


Alright, both my artworks have been rougly done using the template features in most guides. If anybody would be willing i’d love for an actual photoshop user to give my work the fianl touch-ups it needs (or at least would be willing to try), PLEASE send me a PM. Like i said only for private use and full credit will be given. At this point all it needs is a view filters and any other nit-bits that might be picked.