Where to send non-working CPS3 cart officaly?

I would like to ask some questions here. Where do people outside the U.S. send U.S. CAPCOM carts that needs to have some repair? I’m not asking anything about how to replace battery by myself or someone here having fix it personally. I’m looking for a company that serves repair officially from foreign countries.Serious answers ONLY please. THANKS

Capcom Coin-Op USA closed long ago, pretty sure there never were anyone else officially sanctioned by Capcom to perform repairs.

you can send it to capcom japan, I think but you will get the japanese version back. There is also a dude who can revive dead cps3 boards. However, he can only the asian version AKA if you have a dead US board, he will turn it into a working asian one.

Capcom Japan will only revive Japanese region cartridges and they do not deal with consumers, you’ll have to go through an arcade retailer or operator.

Most of the Hong Kong based retailers (Excellent and Legend at least) offer revival of Third Strike any region into Asian region but none of the other games. Pretty sure the eBay seller you’re likely referring to also has his cartridges serviced by whomever in Hong Kong has the tech to do it.

Mayhem, EvilSamrai, I thank you both deeply, for answering my question. You two are so kind. I’d be pleased, if any of you would let me know some actual H.K. retailers/ contact address to me, if possible. Regards.