Where to start to get into fighters?


sry for making a wasted post, found the beginners thread.


Street Fighter 1


Street Fighter 2 Turbo


Street Fighter 4

or whatever game people around you are playing. (probably Street Fighter 4)


Melty Blood.


I used this thread to assist the purchasing process for my PS2 games. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that I’m not a particular fan of 3d Fighters.


Real Bout 2


War Gods


Brutal Paws of Fury.


BlazBlue or Guilty Gear




final fight revenge… ba bang


Last Blade 2


Street fighter 4 or KOF 98 UM or KOF 2k2 UM




world warrior


I repped the OP for expressing remorse. I would suggest Alpha 3, if this thread was to continue.


I suggest the game you want to play they all have different play mechanics every one is different for instance getting great at Mortal Kombat series is not going to help you in the Street Fighter series so in the end pick the one you like to play as you will be spending a lot of time to be the best you can at that one game


ST/HDR, KOF XI (easiest to pick up of all the KOFs i think) Last Blade 2


Super Turbo or 3rd strike.